What is Padel Tennis? An Introduction to the Sport Sweeping the World


Padel tennis, often simply called "padel," is a racquet sport that's taking the world by storm. While it shares some similarities with tennis and squash, padel stands out with its unique set of rules and playing environment. But what exactly is padel tennis, and why is it gaining so much popularity?

History and Origins

Originating in Mexico in the late 1960s, padel was created by Enrique Corcuera, who adapted it from traditional tennis. By the 1980s, it became a sensation in Spain and Argentina, and its popularity has only grown since then, spreading across Europe and other parts of the world.

The Court and Equipment

A padel court is enclosed with walls on all sides and is significantly smaller than a tennis court. The walls are used as a part of play, similar to squash. The court is divided into two service boxes and a reception area.

Players use solid paddles (as opposed to stringed rackets) made of composite materials. The ball used is similar to a tennis ball but has a little less bounce.

Rules of the Game

Padel is played in doubles format, making it a highly social sport. The scoring system is the same as in tennis. However, service must be done underhand, and players can use the walls for rebounds.

Why is Padel So Popular?

  1. Accessibility: Padel is easy for beginners to pick up, making it inviting for all ages and skill levels.
  2. Social Aspect: As a doubles game, it encourages social interaction and team play.
  3. Physical Benefits: Padel provides an excellent cardio workout and helps improve agility and reflexes.
  4. Unique Play Style: The blend of tennis and squash elements creates a dynamic and engaging game.


Whether you're a seasoned tennis pro or someone looking for a new hobby, padel tennis offers a refreshing and exciting experience. Its blend of easy-to-learn rules and dynamic play makes it a sport that's both accessible and captivating. As more and more people discover the joys of padel, its global footprint is set to expand even further. So, why not give it a try and join the growing community of padel enthusiasts?